Todd Alvarado

Todd Alvarado July 23, 2024

Technology developed for space is revolutionizing our world. Engineering mavericks are designing spacecraft to withstand cosmic radiation, creating ion thrusters to propel us towards distant planets, and developing materials which save energy on rocket stages. Satellite constellations present an invaluable new resource for connectivity. These networks enable industries to gather data across geographies with ease […]

Todd Alvarado June 20, 2024

While it can have a great impact on mental health through its many positive sides, it is down to the users of social media to recognise its risks and learn to manage their screen time in a healthy, non-addictive manner. While some studies have found that social media is linked to depression, others have found […]

Todd Alvarado May 24, 2024

5G technology promises to completely revolutionize how people live, work and play by rapidly transmitting data faster than previous wireless generations. This fast transmission speed reduces device dependence on internal memory and processing power while offering low latency for real-time remote actions across diverse fields like esports, healthcare and automated transport systems. Speed 5G internet […]

Todd Alvarado April 24, 2024

There is a possibility to save time and resources spent on manual testing by using AI in checking if alterations made to current software systems do not disrupt the already existing code. Artificial intelligence supported test tools like image locators which identify UI elements according to their visual looks rather than object properties used by […]

Todd Alvarado January 22, 2024

Apple’s latest iPhone models feature a lot of trickle-down upgrades from the Pro lineup, including Dynamic Island and a 48MP main camera. The iPhone XR also offers new color options and a stunning forged titanium chassis. If you want a simple iPhone that’s easy on your wallet, this dinky model is the one to buy. […]

Todd Alvarado January 10, 2024

Many people assume that building a gaming PC is a daunting task and opt for a pre-built one. However, with the right planning and preparation, building your own rig is actually fairly easy. The first step is to prepare a small build area and ensure that all of your parts arrive safely. After that, it’s […]

Todd Alvarado September 15, 2022

AI processing is a growing industry that uses specialized hardware to perform complex tasks. AI systems require huge amounts of data and often use GPUs, which are expensive. Fortunately, there are a few ways to save power and reduce the cost of these systems. AI applications and environments can be used for a variety of […]

Todd Alvarado July 26, 2022

The National Cyber Security Alliance is a nonprofit organization that promotes cybersecurity, privacy, and education. It works with various stakeholder groups to help make the world a safer place for online activities. What exactly is the National Cyber Security Alliance? How can you join the Alliance? Here are three reasons why. Read on to learn […]

Todd Alvarado July 8, 2022

A true revolution is a product that fundamentally changes the way we work and play. The Kindle e-book reader was revolutionary when it was first released in 2007. Apple’s iPad, an e-reader that doubles as a tablet computer, is similarly revolutionary. But a truly revolutionary gadget is one that makes life better for the average […]

Todd Alvarado June 13, 2022

While some people may be able to stop playing mobile games, others are unable to do so and seek help from professionals. In these cases, a psychologist or cognitive therapist may be needed to help them with their phone game addiction. In addition to getting professional help, parents can also use apps that are available […]