Top 5 Computer Software Skills For Jobs

Margot Armstrong October 27, 2023

Skilled computer software knowledge can give you an edge. Check job advertisements to see what skills are listed, then be sure to include those on your resume. Many jobs require at least some knowledge of productivity tools such as word processors, Google apps and Excel; others may necessitate knowledge of programming languages or frontend development. […]


In Depth Review of the Latest iPhone Models

Todd Alvarado January 22, 2024

Apple’s latest iPhone models feature a lot of trickle-down upgrades from the Pro lineup, including Dynamic Island and a 48MP main camera. The iPhone XR also offers new color options and a stunning forged titanium chassis. If you want a simple iPhone that’s easy on your wallet, this dinky model is the one to buy. […]

Antivirus For Business – How to Choose the Right Antivirus Software For Your Business

Margot Armstrong December 7, 2023

Antivirus programs typically focus on detecting and mitigating software viruses; however, more advanced protections such as scanning the dark web to determine whether customer passwords appear in data dumps are becoming available. Unfortunately, however, such protections often provide little value for most users. Keep an eye out for providers that regularly update their malware database, […]