Margot Armstrong

Margot Armstrong December 7, 2023

Antivirus programs typically focus on detecting and mitigating software viruses; however, more advanced protections such as scanning the dark web to determine whether customer passwords appear in data dumps are becoming available. Unfortunately, however, such protections often provide little value for most users. Keep an eye out for providers that regularly update their malware database, […]

Margot Armstrong November 24, 2023

Since the Internet isn’t centralized, destroying all at once would be very challenging. While you could cut individual wires and disrupt service, that wouldn’t work on an international scale. An attack against the global web would likely be devastating, yet any one group seems unlikely to be capable of dismantling it in its entirety. Even […]

Margot Armstrong October 27, 2023

Skilled computer software knowledge can give you an edge. Check job advertisements to see what skills are listed, then be sure to include those on your resume. Many jobs require at least some knowledge of productivity tools such as word processors, Google apps and Excel; others may necessitate knowledge of programming languages or frontend development. […]

Margot Armstrong September 26, 2023

Computer viruses are malicious programs designed to damage, steal and manipulate data – but can they damage physical hardware as well? In the past, virus attacks could directly harm hardware. One such virus, Stuxnet worm was created specifically to attack Siemens software that controls gas centrifuges used to enrich Uranium. Damage to the CPU Malware […]

Margot Armstrong September 12, 2023

Software architects are responsible for making high-level design choices when developing software – be it for an individual project or the organization as a whole. They help determine which tools, languages and platforms will be utilized by developers as well as setting coding standards. This job requires problem-solving abilities and effective client communication. Designing the […]

Margot Armstrong July 26, 2023

Selecting the ideal internet service provider depends on your business needs and goals. When making this selection, make sure your provider offers high-speed connections and reliable customer support – some providers offer month-to-month plans while others require two year contracts. NYC offers many internet options. Some provide comprehensive plans and bundles while others specialize in […]

Margot Armstrong July 7, 2023

Computer hardware refers to all physical components that make up a computer, including external devices like monitors, keyboards and mice as well as internal components like CPU and RAM. Software is a set of instructions that instructs hardware how to function. It takes human-readable input and converts it into machine-readable code that the hardware can […]

Margot Armstrong June 28, 2023

Remote Desktop software enables users to control a computer from another location. They can perform tasks, transfer files, or troubleshoot all from any web-enabled device. Some programs allow users to connect through mobile applications while others require clients that must be installed on any computers or devices they wish to access. They can be used […]

Margot Armstrong June 7, 2023

Database software provides businesses with a way to organize their data efficiently and make strategic decisions while increasing agility, scalability and efficiency. Furthermore, it can reduce costs while saving both time and resources. Database Management Systems are readily available as open source or proprietary models and can be utilized by businesses of all sizes. Open-source […]

Margot Armstrong May 12, 2023

Antivirus software provides your computer and other devices with protection against viruses, malware, worms and other potentially damaging software by quickly detecting and eliminating threats in real-time. Antivirus programs often come equipped with additional features. These may include network firewall, phishing protection, virtual private network (VPN), password manager and parental controls. Virus Protection Virus protection […]