Margot Armstrong

Margot Armstrong June 26, 2021

Social media are online interactive technologies that allow the generation or sharing / exchange of various forms of human expression, ideas, career orientations, and various other types of non-verbal communication through virtual communities and networks. This technology has changed the way business and marketing are carried out and it has also changed the way in […]

Margot Armstrong June 14, 2021

Hardware refers to all components which are required to operate a computer. These components form the basic foundation on which a user’s computer system is based. It consists of a collection of devices or components that work together in order to give an output when used together with one another. Computer hardware includes all the […]

Margot Armstrong June 10, 2021

Social media are various interactive technologies which allow the exchange or creation/creation of content, ideas, careers, interests, and many other kinds of social expression through social networks and online communities. There are different ways on how social media can be used, what it can do, and what it can allow you to accomplish. Social media […]

Margot Armstrong June 2, 2021

While the idea of driverless cars or robotic drivers was once only seen in science fiction, recent technological innovations have been pushing auto-piloted vehicles and other automotive technologies closer to realization. Many automotive industries and companies alike have been a big part of the push towards these futuristic efforts, with many aiming to achieve a […]

Margot Armstrong May 25, 2021

What is Social Media Influencer Marketing? It is a relatively new form of online marketing, whose objective is to build brand awareness, increase visibility of a business, and generate leads through social media influence. Influencer Marketing is a type of social media advertising in which influencers or brands place product placements and endorsements on their […]

Margot Armstrong May 20, 2021

Software is a set of instructions that tell a particular computer how to perform a specific task. In comparison to physical hardware, in which the machine actually does the work and is put together piece-by-piece, software is actually a series of programs written to coordinate with each other. This also leads to software becoming more […]

Margot Armstrong May 12, 2021

The Internet, sometimes also called just “the Net,” is an international system of interconnecting computer networks – a global network of interconnecting computer networks where users in any one area can, when they have authorization, access data from any other area (often referred to as the local area network (LAN)), where users in different areas […]

Margot Armstrong April 28, 2021

InterNet USAGE refers to a group of Internet technologies used to send and receive data over IP networks. Internet access is the capability of people and organizations to access the Internet through computers, phones, and various other devices; and also to access online services like the World Wide Web and email. Internet connections can be […]

Margot Armstrong February 25, 2021

Technology is the collective term for the entire collection of scientific methods, skills, processes, and techniques used in the creation of physical products or services, or in the achievement of specific goals, including scientific research. There are many different types of technology, including computer technology, which includes software, hardware, operating systems, networking, video, and audio. […]

Margot Armstrong February 22, 2021

The Internet, sometimes referred to simply as the Net, is a global system of interconnected computer networks — an enormous network of computers where users at any one node can, when they have authorization, obtain data from any other node (and in some cases share data with other nodes). It is often referred to as […]