Margot Armstrong December 8, 2021

The Internet is a global network of computer networks that allow users to communicate with each other. The Internet is composed of many layers, each of which needs to be regulated to provide safe, secure, and reliable access. The most basic layer is called the physical layer, which contains physical lanes, on/off ramps, and other […]

Margot Armstrong November 30, 2021

The history of the Internet is as diverse as the Internet itself. The network began as a research project funded by the US Army in the 1960s. In the 1980s, it was developed into an infrastructure that was available to all. The Internet allows computers to connect to each other and ensure that they stay […]

Margot Armstrong July 23, 2021

Internet, an advanced system architecture that has revolutionized international commerce and communications by enabling different computer networks within the world to connect. It has become the most popular and prominent way to buy, sell and browse through diverse products and services. It has become an ideal platform for e-commerce, hosting of various web pages and […]

Margot Armstrong May 12, 2021

The Internet, sometimes also called just “the Net,” is an international system of interconnecting computer networks – a global network of interconnecting computer networks where users in any one area can, when they have authorization, access data from any other area (often referred to as the local area network (LAN)), where users in different areas […]

Margot Armstrong April 28, 2021

InterNet USAGE refers to a group of Internet technologies used to send and receive data over IP networks. Internet access is the capability of people and organizations to access the Internet through computers, phones, and various other devices; and also to access online services like the World Wide Web and email. Internet connections can be […]

Margot Armstrong February 22, 2021

The Internet, sometimes referred to simply as the Net, is a global system of interconnected computer networks — an enormous network of computers where users at any one node can, when they have authorization, obtain data from any other node (and in some cases share data with other nodes). It is often referred to as […]

Margot Armstrong January 27, 2021

Internet, a packet-switching network architecture which has drastically revolutionized international communications and monetary systems by enabling various computer networking systems across the globe to connect. Sometimes called a global network of computers, the Internet actually emerged from the United States during the early 1990s but didn’t become widely accessible to the public until the late […]

Margot Armstrong December 20, 2020

The Internet is a global network that links all computers together with the Internet connection at their edges. Through the Internet, individuals can communicate with each other and share data from anywhere with an Internet access. The Internet has become so common and so accessible that it can be found not only on the walls […]

Margot Armstrong November 29, 2020

It was not that long ago when the Internet was just for students, academics and other elite readers. Today, the Internet has become a ubiquitous, public and free-to-use facility available to billions of individuals globally. The Internet can be accessed from anywhere in the world where a connection to the Web is available. Internet users […]

Margot Armstrong October 27, 2020

The Internet, an innovative system architecture that has revolutionized global communications and monetary systems by enabling various computer networks throughout the world to connect. Very often referred to as a global network of systems, the Internet evolved in the United States during the early 1990s but didn’t become widely accessible to the public until the […]