Margot Armstrong October 27, 2023

Skilled computer software knowledge can give you an edge. Check job advertisements to see what skills are listed, then be sure to include those on your resume.

Many jobs require at least some knowledge of productivity tools such as word processors, Google apps and Excel; others may necessitate knowledge of programming languages or frontend development.


Spreadsheets are an efficient tool for organizing quantitative data such as revenue and accounting information. Their automated features make workflow management simpler for teams while the intuitive interface enables easy incorporation into existing processes.

Spreadsheets consist of rectangular areas (called cells) which contain raw data known as values and formulas that calculate new numbers from existing ones. Individual cells can contain numbers, formulas or plain text that is then highlighted with its own color to easily distinguish it from its neighbor cells.

Most spreadsheet programs come equipped with visual display tools for your data, such as bar charts, graphs and pie charts. This functionality can help make communicating findings much simpler when dealing with large volumes or complex variables.


Strong presentations are an integral component of almost any job, particularly those dealing with clients and the public. Software like PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote can help you develop compelling visual presentations of information in an engaging fashion.

Spreadsheets can be an invaluable asset in any career that involves managing data or metrics. Excel and other spreadsheet programs enable users to generate reports, track budgets, client relationships and inventory; use macros; and analyze the collected information.

Word processing skills like Microsoft Word and typing should go without saying. Girson advises including specific examples of how your computer skills helped secure or advance past roles.

Design Software

Design software provides a fast and simple way to create eye-catching graphics for presentations, brochures, flyers, books, cards, invitations and social media posts. With thousands of eye-catching templates and easy customization capabilities allowing you to customize the look and feel of your designs quickly. It even features one-click photo background removal capability so that you can create high-quality illustrations or stickers quickly and effortlessly!

Software designers rely on various design tools to plan, prepare and lay out software code. It is vital that software designers identify any potential issues prior to reaching the programming stage – this will save both time and money over time.

Design tools also can enhance collaboration and communication between team members and clients, making the design process more streamlined while keeping all parties on board with its goals. Real-time sharing makes the design process faster while providing feedback from all sides involved – an advantage over time that keeps everyone in line.

Digital Communication

Digital communication refers to any form of technology-mediated interaction among humans. This may include email, video conferencing, instant messaging and collaborative tools used in the workplace – such as email and social media platforms such as Facebook or TikTok that Gen Z employees typically utilize.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses realized how crucial digital communication was. Meetings transitioned to video conferencing platforms while email became the primary mode of information transfer among teams.

Digital communication enables individuals to work asynchronously, making it especially helpful for businesses that operate across multiple time zones. Learning how to use these tools will not only boost productivity and help your team stay on task; they may also make sharing ideas easier between employees.

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft’s Office suite can make common tasks more manageable, from document creation and design to organizing data in spreadsheets. It includes Word for text processing, Excel for data analyzing and spreadsheet management and PowerPoint for creating posters and presentations.

Microsoft Office suite can be purchased individually for your local computer or subscribed to via cloud storage, accessible from a web browser. An alternative solution such as LibreOffice offers similar functionality but more advanced features.

Learning how to navigate Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint takes practice and concentration; however, doing so can enhance workplace efficiency while opening doors to new opportunities.

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