Margot Armstrong July 23, 2021

Internet, an advanced system architecture that has revolutionized international commerce and communications by enabling different computer networks within the world to connect. It has become the most popular and prominent way to buy, sell and browse through diverse products and services. It has become an ideal platform for e-commerce, hosting of various web pages and provides easy access to information of various kinds. Internet has emerged as one of the best ways to communicate and interact with others who are connected to the internet.

Internet is a system of globally accessible, fast global connections. It offers users high speed access to several computers giving them the opportunity to access websites of other users from any corner of the world. These websites are called packet sniffers or routers. It helps in sharing information amongst different network protocols and networks such as EDGE, DSL, PDC and iSCSI.

Internet also provides a mechanism for content filtering and also provides a mechanism for content authentication. Internet is a packet-switching technology and also provides for content filtering and also has a mechanism for content authentication. The process of content filtering starts when a packet of data arrives at the network interface it is received. The filtering system compares the received data with a list of alphabetic characters. If any character is found to be in the list of alphabetic characters then the packet is rejected and the connection is closed.

On the contrary Internet has a mechanism of dynamic addressing which enables different clients connected to the same network to obtain different IP addresses from the same server. This happens at each communication session. Every communication session may start with a request from one device and end with another device. The request may be done either at local area network or over the Wide Area Network. Similarly request may be done over TCP or UDP. The process of address translation enables client device to obtain an IP address from the server.

With the help of the web browser the user can visit any website which is not present on the internet using any other web browser. With the help of social networking websites one can share files and information over the internet. There are several websites that allow one to chat, communicate or share photos and videos over the internet.

On the contrary there are certain internet service providers who have blocked the use of some popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Netscape. Some other well-known protocols also are affected due to various reasons. Some of the commonly used internet protocols are ICMP, HTTP, TCP, POP/SMTP and LHL. The ICMP is an important component in the Internet and it is used widely for the transfer of packets and is used everywhere in the world by the network nodes.

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